sawnney asked:

You speak my language. What exactly makes you depressed? From Kenya

I really don’t know, one day depression just hit me, you know? I sorta just broke. And it just doesn’t seem to go away. So I don’t really think I can tell you EXACTLY what makes me depressed.

Anonymous asked:

Hey, how old are you and where are you from? (sorry if It's a stupid question, I just recently started to follow your blog, so I just want to know some things about you cause you seem to be a nice person.)

It’s fine, I’m going to be 15 soon and I’m from Australia.

The other night I had another one of them moments.
I sat there staring into the darkness of the room, thinking, going over everything. Memories. Mistakes. Just everything. I thought so deep into everything I made my self cry. That’s how I got to sleep that night.